• GIS Analysis
  • Project Prioritization


GIS Analysis

  • Inventory Support Tool
  • Overview Dashboard
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Georeferencing
  • Web Services

Inventory Support Tool

Create your network and let the analyses begin...

Inventory Support Tool

Start by promoting inventory completeness and accuracy with a spatial view of track, crossing, and facility information.

Inventory Support Tool

Tavla can help you validate the network topology and route attribution of your transportation network.

Data Validation

Data Validation

Locate anomalies in your inventory.

Verify information with other State and Railroad sources.

Integrate with other modes of transportation.

Flag information that doesn’t meet initial standards for further review.

Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

Track your completeness to meet short-term and long-term objectives. Let Tavla Solutions help you establish your goals by choosing metrics, guiding your path and seeing the realization of goals.

Spatial Analysis

Support goods movement and rail infrastructure initiatives by exploring the spatial relationship between your assets and other features on the ground. Analyze demographic and environmental impact, assess quiet zone impacts, and capture land use characteristics and their relationship to your facilities.

Network Analysis

Network analysis allows our clients to predict the impact of crossing incidents, estimate the economic benefits of competing projects, asses the security of existing infrastructure, and identify the system wide impact of local and regional projects.



Migrate legacy image datasets to a spatial environment to extract further value from existing resources. Put supporting details and historic geographic features in context to support decision making.

Web Services

Web Services

Collaborate in an online environment.

Enable multiple stakeholders to make edits, submit requests, and comment on work in progress in real time.

Project Prioritization

  • Project Selection
  • Benefit Cost
  • Corridor Analysis

Project Selection

Government organizations want a transparent process that provides easy to understand project selection results.

From initial ideas and justification to ranking and selection, let Tavla Solutions streamline your selection process.

Benefit Cost

The ability to rank projects across modes can only happen when the comparison uses a common structure.

Project cost can be evaluated in ratio to public benefit to determine the Benefit Cost Ratio of the projects that should be included in funding schedules.

Benefit Cost

Let Tavla Solutions handle the calculations...

...and simplify your Benefit Cost Analysis with a complete process review.

Corridor Analysis

Program your project dollars to their fullest. Corridor Analysis can show you the best combination of projects for a safer network.